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Company Profile


Global Inspections Group (GIG) was conceived at the turn of the century and has since grown into an international competitor in quantity and quality inspections and certification related services.

Grounded by African roots, GIG set out to become an international player within ten years of inception and did so with our commitment to growth and expansion.

We now boast an operational footprint that spans most continents with our head office in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Executive Management team directing GIG has experience and business acumen within the inspection and certification industry and this has allowed the Group to develop into the international competitor it is today. With management's young, dynamic and innovative, we are confident that GIG will continue to grow and develop.

Even with our extensive global footprint and offices around the world, GIG remains true to our driving force and core focus – the fastest turnaround time, the best service, industry innovation and staff development. At GIG we strive to build and maintain partnerships with clients, suppliers and employees, who are the fundamental building blocks of our success.

At GIG, we utilize and develop the best technology and staff in order to provide the fastest turnaround time and best service for clients worldwide. We want to be your proactive service partner and not just another service provider.

At Global Inspections Group we are: